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Automatic biobank
One-stop solution

Provide you with a full-range solution to biobanks, worry-free, time- and effort- saving

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New progress in specimen transfer
Light path & C-type structure

Patent No:ZL202120329577.2、ZL202121806692.0

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Advanced Concept
Lead the automatic biobanks


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Flagship Product

Fully-automated honeycomb cryogenic storage equipment

BSN-800C honeycomb
C-type structure

Intelligent and automatic storage equipment specially designed for the preservation of living biological samples. The innovative honeycomb structure can provide long-term,safe, effective and large-capacity vapor LN storage environment for the samples.

Flagship Product

Fully-automated ULT storage equipment

Grillage-basket type

A fully-automated, intelligent and fully enclosed ULT standard module storage equipment. The whole-box access function boasts of efficient batch storage, compatible with sample storage of various specifications; support light-rail loading to realize rapid, precise and flexible transportation of sample into storage.

Fully-automated honeycomb cryogenic storage equipment
Fully-automated ULT storage equipment

Application Case

Renji Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine

Clinical-level unmanned automatic vapor LN biobank (-196℃) of Renji Hospital  

National Anti-Drug Laboratory Zhejiang Branch Center

Automatic vapor LN bio-sample storage area (-196℃)

Beijing Haote Biotechnology

5GAI intelligent unmanned storage library (-196℃) based on the underlying technology of blockchain technology

Vegetable Research Center of Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences

Automatic ULT bio-sample storage area (-80℃)

Medical Institutions
Government Institutions
Biological Medicine
Scientific Research Institutes


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About Us

Shanghai Origin Cell Biological Cryogenic Equipment Co. Ltd is a subsidiary of Origin Cell Technology Group, with registered capital of 197,840,000 yuan. 

The company is chaired by Mr. Qu Jianguo, a famous entrepreneur in Shanghai, ranking in the 10th Annual List of the Top Ten Entrepreneurial Leaders of Chinese Listed Companies, founder of Shenhua Holdings (600653) ---one of the "old eight shares" in Shanghai stock market, and founder of China's earliest listed company in water treatment industry, Canature Group (300272). He holds concurrent posts as chairman of the board, president and chief engineer of the company, constructing and leading in person a professional design and R & D team composed of doctors, masters and multi-disciplinary senior engineers.

Origin Cell is committed to the creation of automatic and intelligent bio-medicine equipment with the automatic cryogenic storage of active cells as the core emphasis and oriented toward the needs of the newly emerging industrialization of cell biology. Belonging to the field of high-end equipment manufacturing---cryogenic freezing and cell preparation, the company features automatic products and intelligent systems related to the cell bio-medicine industry, promoting China's cryogenic bio-medicine industry from scientific research toward industrialization, standardization and clinical application. At present, the company has built the industry's leading cryogenic bio-freezing technology platform, and independently developed product series covering the whole value chain of automatic cryogenic storage. The front-end cryopreservation technology and back-end automatic equipment research and development have been advancing side by side and achieved the world's leading level.

The company has cooperated with Mr. Gao Dayong, who is a professor at University of Washington, USA, and is an internationally renowned expert in cryobiology in the construction of cryogenic bio-freezing technology platform, worked with the team of Prof. Liu Baolin, Dean of Medical Device and Food College of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, to construct Shanghai Expert Workstation for the research and exploration of the rewarming, cooling and cryopreservation technologies and processes of active samples such as cells, tissues and organs, to promote the cryogenic bio-medicine from scientific research toward standardization, clinical application, informationization, intelligence and industrialization, thereby contributing to the "biological sample and information safety" of the country. Relying on the solid technical strength of the group in the fields of cryogenic freezing and cell preparation, the company can provide one-stop and whole-process service for the overall planning, construction, management and maintenance and operation of biological sample bank/cell bank.